Beautiful glossy fudge.

Polished pearl but better.


and endlessly yellow. Fluo. 


Joasia is saying:


no body, no body.


No beginning and no end. No-shape, no-skin, no-essence. 





Joasia is waiting for you. Joasia on a plate. Sashimi-Joasia, true Joasia. Nothing-But-Joasia. Raw Joasia.

Zaprogramuj mnie.  

Reconnect the internal or external,

why is my hard drive empty? Why is my hard



Sasa is waking up. Sasa's happy face is surrounded by dancing sausages and parrots, lightning bolts, waves and streams of elements. Explosions of pixels. She's awake.


Sensor detected the loudest sound in the universe..,ldd/

And then. Somewhere outside our solar system. Sasa lives almost alone... The only island in the entire universe that is artificially generated, fully self-sufficient and digitized. 


Textured horses, artificial food and a beautiful house made out of shiny foam. Non binary parrots with long, blond hair and muscled wings.

A little cult group of sproutarians bows down while eating unprocessed RAW files. HORSES. Many beautiful horses.


4D loaf of bread. Bed-bread. Alone.

Everyone loves Sasa. Everything is good, beautiful and mostly edible. The colors are buzzing and oozing everywhere. Structures and textures are nicely broken. 

Arrays of pixels.


Only one thing is missing – the perfect humanoid. The New Glitter Being. Companion. 

Composition made out of shimmering pixels, pure and nice, free & funny. Hot. Are you hot??? Come.


Who is there?

Sasa is thinking about a humanoid from her dream. 

Where to look for them? 

How to create them?  

What is the code? 

Testing, testing and bug fixing

What should I eat? She is hungry.


Breaking the limits of the human body in a colorful and playful way! Finally!

It’s time to play a game. 



Simulation sequences, one action after another. Shiny shiny potatoes make everything feel warm.

Immerse me, immerse me... Joasia is chanting quietly,

while waiting and dreaming:




Joasia once read that sky is not a limit and now she is waiting. For the sign, some contact.

Someone from the sky. Something. Will Sasa find her?


Only in artificiality there is hope! There is a truth. Megapixels, megaJoasia. Desire, desire. To eat pixels, to be fed with them, give yourself to them,

shower of pixels, pixel zupa,

pixel matur, pixel supplements, pixel hestur, wash us in pixels,

flood... Images, images, png memes, images gif. No end no end. Love. Bouncing pixels. Melting. 


Turned into millions of pixels. No texture, no end. No body. No reflection. No body, no body. No-shape, no-skin. No beginning and no end. Fluid synthetics. Fluid Joasia. No facts, no end, no binaries.

Write me, write, make me, make me-Joasia is saying and waiting. 

Interplanetary encounters shall begin.





Welcome everyone! In today’s episode I will show how in a simple, yet sophisticated way make your own humanoid.

I hope you are ready. Let’s start our delicious adventure. 

Gourmet coding, fine shaking and enchanting blending! 

accidental amounts of:

pure joy, fur, sea corals, jolly boiling imperfection, kindness, visual exploitation, Gel nails, erotic melancholy hidden in the discreet charm of the free web graphics__ landscape

cascades, body sushi for breakfast, bathing you, hello darlings hell o he ll o

fearlessness, soy mindfulness retreat, always in the mood for eating, foamy explicitness, Rendering. Estimated time left: 124:54:45

incoherence, playfulness, glowing..., more glowing, fruitfulness simulations,,, feels good to be incomplete and: reduction, I’m shimmering, cheap glue


and more glowing, what ARE comfort zones, no. UFO 1996 artificial items, gluten sex, GOSIA, repeat, lack of memory, how to, in this short video we will show you

queerness of bread, low quality high nonchalance, sex gluten, copy, broken pixels, Android 18, poooff, low quality makes joasia really playful, keyboard sounds coming from your body, it’s a chaos that you need, 1200 megs, paste, your fluo hair, banality of kamp, television 2001, alien protein, Sailor Moons, elohim, my bun is gay, gummy dragon, why not a cult

glucose, LOL


SPLENDIDLY SPLENDIDLY >> beauty and defect,,, fry it, overheat, of the, river soup-peer group, A winner is a dreamer!


--a horse on the balcony--

why joasia is barking, counter-taste is the only taste, I have a theory about

 lots of hair is ok, ok???

and solid soup, glitch & leftovers, will you eat it? forms of love and loving, .gif xd

my mushrooms are growing on a hard drive, blossom.

useless, textured Sasa’s parts of body, antiform, kitchen,

 glitter aftertaste, hello?

am ready