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Brokat Films are the painter and self-proclaimed star,

Sasa Lubińska

and the performer/video artist Joanna Pawlowska.

Artists are working in the fields of digital art, new media art and performance art.

Duo is exploring the relationship between text, digital representation and visual art,

researching dynamics between gender presentation and aspects of human biology in the digital world.

Equipped with cameras, 3D programs and glitter, artists annex DIY aesthetics, clichés and narrations present

in the culture of the Internet. They create videos, animations and performances, exploring imagery of the early internet

and conventions such as cooking shows, make-up video blogs or how-to sessions.


In 2021 they created a computer game called Planet Brokat and together with the video work and installation,

artworks were presented at Kling og Bang.

A group exhibition showing a series of works inspired by feminist science fiction was titled

“Yes, a falling tree makes a sound (and it has a lot to say)”.

Joanna is a co-curator of the Hamraborg Festival in Kópavogur and a member of the Midpunkt art space team (2020-2022).
Sasa lives in Łódź, Poland where she has her studio, two parrots and art practice.

The duo is currently working on a new, metaverse-inspired project

about horses and love.

丂🝗㇄🝗⼕〸🝗ᗪ 🝗〤卄讠⻏讠七讠ㄖ𝓝丂 

闩𝓝ᗪ 尸🝗尺チㄖ尺爪闩𝓝⼕🝗丂:

 Screening "She-wolf", Boreal Screendance Festival, Akureyri, Iceland 2022

Performance, Gjörningakvöld með Töru og Sillu, Hafnarhús 2022.

Group exhibition, Midpunkt art space, Kópavogur, Iceland 2021

Exhibition, vor/wiosna art festival, Egilsstadir, Iceland 2021

"Yes, a falling tree makes a sound (and it has a lot to say)",

group exhibition, Kling og bang, Reykjavik, Iceland 2021

"Free life coaching transformational video sessions with Brokat Films",

solo exhibition, Midpunkt art space, Kópavogur, Iceland 2020

Instagram residency for Museum of Art in Lodz, Poland 2020

Screenings, Her docs film festival, Warsaw, Poland 2020

Exhibition "Jesus was an alien", Mokra art space, Gdynia, Poland 2016

Salon odnowy żywieniowej  (Nutritional renewal salon),

performance, Gallery Dobro, Olsztyn, Poland 2018

Body Sushi, performance, Gallery Bardzo Biała, Warsaw, Poland 2016 

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